Submitted papers

  1. Asymmetric cut and choose games
    with Peter Holy, Christopher Turner and Philip Welch, 28 pages, submitted
  2. Countable ranks at the first and second projective levels
    with Merlin Carl and Philip Welch, 30 pages, submitted
  3. Generalized Polish spaces at regular uncountable cardinals
    with Claudio Agostini and Luca Motto Ros, 42 pages, submitted
  4. Forcing axioms via ground model interpretations
    with Christopher Turner, 49 pages, submitted

Selected papers

  1. Coarse groups, and the isomorphism problem for oligomorphic groups
    with Andre Nies and Katrin Tent, Journal of Mathematical Logic, July 2021 (appeared online)
  2. Lebesgue's density theorem and definable selectors for ideals
    with Sandra Müller, David Schrittesser and Thilo Weinert, Israel Journal of Mathematics, May 2022 (appeeared online)
  3. How to have more things by forgetting how to count them
    with Asaf Karagila, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Volume 476, Issue 2239 (2020), 1-12
  4. The exact strength of the class forcing theorem
    with Victoria Gitman, Joel David Hamkins, Peter Holy and Kameryn Williams, Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 85, Issue 3 (2020), 869-905
  5. Perfect subsets of generalized Baire spaces and long games
    Journal of Symbolic Logic 82, 4 (2017),1317-1355
  6. The Hurewicz dichotomy for generalized Baire spaces
    with Luca Motto Ros and Philipp Lücke, Israel Journal of Mathematics 216, 2 (2016), 973-1022
  7. Class forcing, the forcing theorem, and Boolean completions
    with Peter Holy, Regula Krapf, Philipp Lücke and Ana Njegomir, Journal of Symbolic Logic 81, 4 (2016), 1500-1530
  8. Continuous images of closed sets in generalised Baire spaces
    with Philipp Lücke, Israel Journal of Mathematics 209, 1 (2015), 421-461
  9. Wadge-like reducibilities in arbitrary quasi-Polish spaces
    with Luca Motto Ros and Victor Selivanov, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 25 , 8 (2015), 1705-1754

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