Fifth Workshop on Generalised Baire Spaces, 3rd-4th of February 2020, University of Bristol


Location G.07 (Ground floor seminar room), School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Fry Building, Woodland Road, BS8 1UG, UK (map)

List of open problems

Schedule and abstracts (pdf)


09.00-09.50Philipp Lücke: Generalised descriptive set theory and combinatorics -- the complexity of club filters (slides)
10.00-10.50Sarka Stejskalova: Small ultrafilter number and some compactness principles (slides)
11.10-12.00David Aspero: The kappa-strong proper forcing axiom (slides)
13.30-14.40Isabel Müller: Tutorial: Dividing lines in model theory
14.50-16.00Miguel Moreno: Tutorial: Generalised Baire spaces and model theory (slides)
16.30-16.55Jan Dobrowolski: Generalised Polish structures
17.00-17.25Claudio Agostini: On a class of Polish-like spaces (slides)
19.00Dinner at Koh Thai


08.30-09.20Luca Motto Ros: A descriptive main gap theorem (slides)
09.30-10.20Dorottya Sziraki: Perfect set games and colorings on generalised Baire spaces (slides)
10.40-11.30Lorenzo Galeotti: Computing over generalisations of the reals (slides)
11.35-12.00Open problems (2016 open problem list)
13.30-14.20Vincenzo Dimonte: Baire property and the Ellentuck-Prikry topology (slides)
14.30-14.55Vera Fischer: Higher independence (slides)
15.00-15.25Johannes Schürz: A Cohen real out of nowhere
15.30-15.55Radek Honzik: Definable wellorders with compactness principles (slides)

Description Generalized descriptive set theory studies spaces of functions on uncountable regular cardinals and properties of their definable subsets (for an introduction, see [AMR] or [FHK]). This is a relatively new and very active field of set theoretic research. The talks will focus on generalized descriptive set theory and its connections with model theory (e.g. classification theory) and infinite combinatorics (e.g. cardinal characteristics). There will be two tutorials about connections with model theory.

Aim Our aim is to bring together several research groups, outline directions of future research and collect open research questions. This workshop continues the ones in Amsterdam in November 2014, Hamburg in September 2015, Bonn in September 2016, Amsterdam in August 2018 and a symposium in Prague in August 2019.

Invited talks David Aspero (Norwich), Vincenzo Dimonte (Udine), Lorenzo Galeotti (Amsterdam), Philipp Lücke (Bonn), Miguel Moreno (Vienna), Luca Motto Ros (Torino), Isabel Müller (London), Sarka Stejskalova (Prague), and Dorottya Sziraki (Budapest).

Contributed talks Claudio Agostini (Torino), Jan Dobrowolski (Leeds), Vera Fischer (Vienna), Radek Honzik (Prague), Johannes Schürz (Vienna).

Participants The workshop is open to everyone. If you intend to participate, we would appreciate if you send an email to

For those participating on both days, there is a conference fee of 20 GBP. LMS funding for UK graduate students and for child care costs is available, please contact us for this.

Accommodation Speakers are booked into the Berkeley Square Hotel. Click on Practical Information here for a list of close by hotels.

Local organizers Dan Nielsen, Philipp Schlicht, Christopher Turner and Philip Welch.

Funding LMS Scheme 1, British Logic Colloquium, Horizon 2020 Marie Curie No 794020 for project related collaboration.